customized Human Design chart

Embrace Your Genuine Self 

Human Design integrates elements of science, new age philosophy, genetic intelligence, and spiritual wisdom drawn from ancient traditions including Kabbalah, I-Ching, the Chakra System, and Astrology.

The Human Design chart reading session can provide you with direct insights on:

•  Who am I?
•  Where does my energy go?
•  How can I interact with people in the best possible way?
• Are we all fundamentally different? If so, what sets us apart?
•  What are my strengths?
•  What are my weaknesses and how can I address them?
•  What secrets does my DNA hold?

Human Design reveals that we are all born as perfect beings. By embracing your Design, you can accept your true nature that brings you back home, to yourself.

Unlock your full potential with Human Design – the ultimate deconditioning tool, recommended by leading experts in the field. Don’t settle for less than your best self.

Get your customized Human Design chart: Unlock over 100 pages of insightful keys to your unique blueprint.

Cost: 144 EUR

Rave Psychology

Delve Into Your Unique Design

Rave psychology intertwines with the Human Design System, delving deeply into an individual’s distinctive blueprint, with a focus on encouraging self-discovery and understanding.

Rave Psychology is about deconditioning the open centers and gates at all levels. Understanding and working with this openness, the “not-self” is decoded.

Rave psychology focuses on shaping your perspective of the world and making informed decisions to enhance your cognitive capabilities. When you’re not aligned, distractions divert you from your intended path, preventing you from realizing your full potential.

Within the human design system, self-understanding reveals the life challenges stemming from conditioning and conformity. Anger, frustration, bitterness, and disappointment arise when decisions are influenced by identification with the “non-self”.

In contrast to conventional psychological models, Rave Psychology doesn’t require blind faith or belief. Rather, it advocates for the examination of one’s own design.

Rave psychology is for those who follow their strategy and inner authority and want to go deeper and bring awareness to their lives.

Living your design allows smoother navigation of life’s unpredictable field and creates a foundation for inner peace through self-acceptance.

Five sessions of 50-minute private one-on-one Zoom consultation.
Cost: 555 EUR


Yager Code Therapy 

Subliminal Healing Counseling

Yager Code Therapy was developed by the clinical psychologist, Dr. Edwin Yager in 1974.

The Yagerian Code is a simple yet effective method to support people with mental distress or physical pain. While frequently utilized by therapists, individuals in various professions can gain valuable insights by familiarizing themselves with this approach.

Yager Therapy has a significant advantage over other forms of therapy – patients don’t necessarily have to know the cause of their suffering to be treated successfully. This is particularly beneficial for traumatized patients as it can prevent re-traumatization. However, if the patient is stable enough, the Yager Code can also be used for revealing purposes.

Through this method, buried parts of the subconscious are accessed and re-programmed.

30-minute private one-on-one Zoom consultation.
Cost: 99 EUR



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