Fear VS Love

Fear VS Love

Your reality is shaped by just two fundamental sources: fear and love.

The current global events are presenting us with a clear and crucial decision to make. We find ourselves standing at a crossroads where we must choose between fear and love. This is an unavoidable choice, and every individual has to make it for themselves.

Choosing fear or an artificial reality, means you are essentially deciding to remain trapped in the three-dimensional reality of suffering, oppression, control, and obedience that humanity has been familiar with for thousands of years. This choice will result in you gradually giving your power away, not wanting to take responsibility for your own life, becoming more obedient to the rules enforced by the system, and eventually accepting and justifying the laws that are gradually taking away your freedom.

You will continue giving your free will choice of what you should or shouldn’t do or when you are allowed to feel free or joyful. This scenario will continue until you say STOP. Saying stop is the first step in taking your power back. This will empower you to start researching what is healthy for your mind, body, and soul. Gradually, you will begin to take charge and find solutions that align with your goals and values.

Choosing to be responsible and mindful in your everyday life will create a harmonious reality. You will feel more connected with yourself, and your vibration will be elevated. Gratitude will become your guiding principle while your soul will serve as your compass.

Our negative emotions and behaviors create a disconnect between us and the love within us. Our souls exist in a state of unconditional love, beyond our 3D personality. To establish a strong connection with them, it’s important to switch from the vibration of fear to the resonance of love.

Negative emotions and actions, weaken the connection between our 3D self and our souls, while positive feelings, actions, strengthen it. By embarking on daily spiritual journeys, we can transform this connection into a channel through which divine aspects of the source flow into our physical reality.

The central channel acts as a bridge between the highest spirit and lowest matter. It serves as a conduit of the spirit. To anchor your soul more into your 3D personality and allow the Spirit to flow through you, it’s essential to widen your central channel by activating your chakras.

When we achieve a state of balance and stillness, we are connected to the organic timeline. The divine energy flows through us and into our environment, raising the collective consciousness. This enables us to manifest divine qualities such as acceptance, peace, and abundance.

The basic foundation of healing for our planet’s collective consciousness is shaped by all of us, as architects of our collective reality. Remember to co-create with your soul and trust that it is leading you towards an evolutionary life.

The Genuine Human Body

The Genuine Human Body

The human physical body is a genuine wise organic technology that demonstrates its profound wisdom as we learn more about it.

Applying the hermetic law “As above, so below; as within, so without” allows us to scientifically accept that the universe is a single living organism made up of interconnected subtle energy fields. The universe is a network of dynamic and mutual relationships, and we exist as cells within it, mirroring the macro creation.

The principle of vibration, known as the hermetic principle, states that everything in the universe is in a state of motion, vibration, and rotation. This principle is now confirmed by modern science. The difference between matter, energy, and spirit is due to the varying rates of vibration. Everything in the universe, from pure spirit to the densest form of matter, is in motion. The higher the vibration, the higher the object is located in the scale.

The modern world is filled with artificial technology, generating electro-smog that is causing the energy fields of our surroundings to artificially rotate. Left-rotating fields have been found to cause damage to DNA and connective tissue structures by altering the information provided by the water in the cells. This can lead to stress in the nervous system and a higher consumption of energy. It has been discovered that only clockwise rotation fields are capable of generating healthy matter.

The human body requires energy to function properly, which is obtained from the food and water we consume. However, due to the toxicity present in our environment, the food we eat may lack essential nutrients and the water we drink may contain negative information absorbed from the surroundings. This can cause our bodies to degenerate from a young age.

Humanity has become accustomed to being ill and resorting to artificial medication that only masks the symptoms of toxicity in their bodies. If we wish to avoid physical, emotional, or mental illnesses, we must adopt healthy habits such as drinking clean water, consuming organic food and breathing in fresh air.

As a result of our irresponsible actions on the planet – the radiation produced by harmful artificial technologies, mixed with the negative nectoplasma created by our thoughts and energized by our negative emotions, all life on Earth lives as if every day counts to survive. In a world where technology has a positive impact on the environment and people live in harmony, respecting and caring for all life, our genetics could survive at least 150 years.

Our DNA plays a crucial role in our overall health and wellbeing, and is essentially compressed light that projects our body based on the information it receives. To keep our DNA healthy, it’s important to provide it with positive information, such as organic food, exposure to nature, practicing meditation, sun-gazing, and consuming minerals.

Additionally, our cells require oxygen to function properly, and the immune system needs oxygen or nitrogen radicals to destroy cancer cells or germs. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that we’re getting enough oxygen to keep our bodies healthy and strong. All the positive actions we take, help to increase our light quotient, which results in us having more energy, feeling healthier, happier, and more youthful. When we lose light/energy, we may experience health problems.

In the past, humanity lacked information and this led to an era of mental, emotional, and physical sickness. However, in today’s world, we have the opportunity to rediscover ourselves, rebuild our lives from within, adjust to the new energy, and honor our divinity.

Personally, I have come to understand the significant impact our choices have on our health. As a result, I have been researching alternatives to adopt an organic lifestyle as much as possible. In this pursuit, I have found a set of healing tools that work best for me. I hope to share these tools with you if you are also searching for ways to support your health and well-being. Additionally, I aim to highlight the facilitators who are serving their soul purpose in this area.

To provide my body with organic nutrients and minerals, I use SunWarrior’s products. I have found them to be amazing. You can find their products on Amazon or www.sunwarrior.com.

To protect my DNA and energy field from harmful electro-smog, I have acquired devices from the Enki Institute. These devices are created based on Tesla technology and have been very helpful for me. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit https://enki-institut.com

For beauty products, I often choose organic brands.

For mental and emotional healing, I have been doing weekly sessions of Yager-Code therapy. This is a method for removing the roots of any negative experience stored in the mental body.

If you’re curious to learn more, you can visit https://www.kirsten-pape-coaching.de/en-gb/law-of-attraction-coaching/yager-method.

Lastly, I’ve been undergoing sessions of aura healing and clearing with https://erzengelchamuel.de/.

Luckily, in our modern age there are many awake people who use their skills to create organic alternatives for a healthier and more joyful life.

Unveiling The Parental Consciousness Within

Unveiling The Parental Consciousness Within

Many people operate based on the patterns stored in their mental bodies, which shape their reality in accordance with their beliefs. These beliefs are derived from past experiences and events; are not inherently good or bad, nor true or false – they simply exist.

When many patterns revolve around a fixed focus, such as parents, energy forms around these patterns and creates a living consciousness. The mother-father figure within you develops into a consciousness. The combination of your synergy with your parents as a unit, has formed a certain quality of this energy to become real for you.

This consciousness from your parents contributes to your identity.

It is possible to release some of the negative patterns and beliefs that you may have inherited through the bloodline, by becoming more self-aware and doing conscious inner work. For instance, if you have a history of kidney problems or low self-esteem in your family, it may negatively impact your ability to function effectively in your daily life. Therefore, it’s important to work on these issues and let go of any unhealthy attachments that may be holding you back.

Mankind experiences various modified states of existence, mostly because one comes into this dense physical world with a lot of baggage from the past.

As Joshua David Stone states in his books, “The most essential relationships in your life are your relationship to your Self and God. If you are not right with your Self, you will project your wrong relationship to Self onto everything in your life, including God because in reality your Self and God are the same things.”

By practicing self-love and embracing your past experiences and your roots, you can easily let go of what no longer aligns with your growth. The key to progress lies in shedding the burdens that hold you back. Dissolving negative patterns doesn’t diminish your love for your parents. Rather, it entails clearing the perceptions and ideas you hold about them, therefore, about you.

Your existence is shaped by your belief structure. Everything you manifest is akin to a hologram, projecting a specific reality wherever you are. If your inner perception of your parents holds a particular form, you manifest an outer hologram mirroring that perception.

The notion of your relationship to your present mother or father is often an aspect in fields of consciousness that you acknowledge as being close off. Your self-love, self-worth, self-expression, creativity, may all be defined by your inner unconscious feelings of this relationship. Often, family members and others in your life are revealing a plot that you have created unconsciously to enlighten something about yourself. Observe sharply at the people in your life that are triggering you.

When our perceptions of reality differ, it often leads to frustration, because individuals tend to see others through their own desires and belief system, instead of recognizing them for who they truly are.

We project our reality onto all of the people in our lives, which means that there are always two or more scenarios overlapping, and most of the time they are easily out of focus, as the example below.

A part of me holds judgment over the time invested in writing this post. While it’s been a fulfilling experience, I also question whether it’s truly worth the time. Two very different characters have joined the set. One, akin to the fatherly figure urges, “Stop wasting time; focus on work!”, the other, my inner child who wishes to express its creativity, but fears conflict with the fatherly voice.

In this journey of awakening, as you reshape the unconscious beliefs passed down from your lineage, you’ll come to understand your parents in their true essence. Simultaneously, you’ll find clarity in discerning inner voices that stray from your authentic voice, bringing you closer to inner harmony and self-realization.

The Splitting of the Soul

The Splitting of the Soul

Our reality was shaped artificially for thousands of years with the purpose of benefit only a few, and more people are waking up, and starting to integrate our reality.

They managed to shape and manipulate our reality by keeping us in a loop of suffering, wars, and fights. Once the vibration has dropped, all life on earth begins to lower its vibration in a 3D state of consciousness. The third dimension is a realm focused on physical survival; in this reality what matters is what we can see, taste, or touch.

Our souls are living in a state of Christ Consciousness which is a realm of pure love, above our 3D personality. The soul and the 3D physical body are linked through a silver cord.

The soul can be seen as a sphere of energy. It is an eternal focal point from where the Monad, your I Am Presence, which is your eternal essence, is pouring its wisdom. The I AM Presence is your original blueprint; the I AM Presence is always connected to the Infinite Source of Love and exists forever.

Whenever you channel through your heart, feelings of peace, joy, gratitude, and love, the cord between your soul and your 3D vessel is widening, and the connection to your soul is stronger. Your decisions, actions, and experiences are in alignment with your soul, which means that you choose to exist on the organic timeline of the Universe where everything just IS, where the karmic cycles are closed, and suffering, disease, or separation do not exist.

On the other side, because our souls are spheres of love and they can “understand” realities only from that vibration up, whenever we are acting negatively, the cord between the soul and the physical body becomes thinner.

When this is happening, there is a lack of energy in one of our four-body. When we lack energy, mentally, emotionally, or physically, we are becoming sick. Living in sickness is pushing the soul even further from the body because that is a different environment than the one in which he exists.

We can embody our souls only when our 3D Self is vibrating at the same resonance as the soul, which is unconditional love.

When a person is experiencing traumatic events, that ball of love is splitting. Nothing is lost, but the effects can be felt immediately. Some of the effects are deep sadness, losing motivation instantly, or deep depression.

The people who are causing suffering to others are those who suffer the most. They are completely disconnected from their soul and because they were not informed about the sickness in their aura, they just continue on that path of self-destruction.

In situations when you experience traumatic events, it is extremely important to have a clairvoyant energy healer that you trust and that can clean, heal your aura, and restore the soul parts. It takes up to three days for the cracks in the aura to be completely healed and in those 3 days, wrong decisions can be made that create other karmic loops.

We are more complex than what we have been taught to believe and when we get to know more about the complexity of our being, we have the power to attract solutions when we find ourselves in difficult situations.

When we are not informed, we are not focused on searching for solutions because we don’t know that a problem exists.

Artificial VS Organic

Artificial VS Organic

It’s crucial for all of us to reflect on how much attention we give to our artificial timeline versus our organic timeline. In this period of rapid transformation, where everything is changing remarkably fast, we supposed to expand our consciousness constantly. This entails healing, growing, learning new things, letting go of the old, and embracing the new.

Artificial refers to anything that is created without Source Consciousness.

• GMO foods and products;
• Artificial substances, heavy metals, and heavy foods that absorb energy from your body and provide negative information to your cells. This information affects the development of your DNA;
• Chemical products;
• Poorly treated water / non-hexagonal water;
• Harmful AI technology.

• Fears, the wounded ego, lack of awareness;
• Illusions that manifest artificial realities ;
• Division through different belief programs;
• Negative emotions, behaviors, or thoughts; will be reflected in your aura;
• Saviour archetype – this type of behavior leads the individual to create more suffering, due to the lack of acceptance;
• Victim archetype – waiting for someone to save you.

Organic refers to anything that is created with Source Consciousness.

• Organic substances that are giving Prana energy to your body and positive information to your cells; based on that information your DNA is changing, activating, expanding;
• Hexagonal water- water treated consciously, with love;
• Technology created consciously based on the cosmic laws such as sacred geometry technology, which has healing properties to your being and sends healthy information to your cells.

• Integrating your experiences;
• Embracing the inner healing process;
• Openness to learning new things;
• Conscious behaviors;
• Feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness;
• Acceptance;
• The healthy ego – accepts the physical reality and allows the soul to guide its existence;
• Embodying the knowledge of being equal but unique – divine sparks of the same Source;
• Taking responsibility for one’s own life;
• Creating a reality based on love and God’s aspects;
• Feelings of gratitude and joy – will link you to the organic timeline;
• Practicing awareness.

Each day we choose through our actions, thoughts, words, emotions, to be more connected to Source, more organic, or more artificial. Our cells are receiving information 24/7. Based on the information they are receiving, the function of our bodies is made. 

The Infinite Creation of Consciousness is constantly expanding, urging each of us to broaden our consciousness. Therefore, we are encouraged to choose love as we navigate this journey of collective evolution.