Your reality is shaped by just two fundamental sources: fear and love.

The current global events are presenting us with a clear and crucial decision to make. We find ourselves standing at a crossroads where we must choose between fear and love. This is an unavoidable choice, and every individual has to make it for themselves.

Choosing fear or an artificial reality, means you are essentially deciding to remain trapped in the three-dimensional reality of suffering, oppression, control, and obedience that humanity has been familiar with for thousands of years. This choice will result in you gradually giving your power away, not wanting to take responsibility for your own life, becoming more obedient to the rules enforced by the system, and eventually accepting and justifying the laws that are gradually taking away your freedom.

You will continue giving your free will choice of what you should or shouldn’t do or when you are allowed to feel free or joyful. This scenario will continue until you say STOP. Saying stop is the first step in taking your power back. This will empower you to start researching what is healthy for your mind, body, and soul. Gradually, you will begin to take charge and find solutions that align with your goals and values.

Choosing to be responsible and mindful in your everyday life will create a harmonious reality. You will feel more connected with yourself, and your vibration will be elevated. Gratitude will become your guiding principle while your soul will serve as your compass.

Our negative emotions and behaviors create a disconnect between us and the love within us. Our souls exist in a state of unconditional love, beyond our 3D personality. To establish a strong connection with them, it’s important to switch from the vibration of fear to the resonance of love.

Negative emotions and actions, weaken the connection between our 3D self and our souls, while positive feelings, actions, strengthen it. By embarking on daily spiritual journeys, we can transform this connection into a channel through which divine aspects of the source flow into our physical reality.

The central channel acts as a bridge between the highest spirit and lowest matter. It serves as a conduit of the spirit. To anchor your soul more into your 3D personality and allow the Spirit to flow through you, it’s essential to widen your central channel by activating your chakras.

When we achieve a state of balance and stillness, we are connected to the organic timeline. The divine energy flows through us and into our environment, raising the collective consciousness. This enables us to manifest divine qualities such as acceptance, peace, and abundance.

The basic foundation of healing for our planet’s collective consciousness is shaped by all of us, as architects of our collective reality. Remember to co-create with your soul and trust that it is leading you towards an evolutionary life.