Many people operate based on the patterns stored in their mental bodies, which shape their reality in accordance with their beliefs. These beliefs are derived from past experiences and events; are not inherently good or bad, nor true or false – they simply exist.

When many patterns revolve around a fixed focus, such as parents, energy forms around these patterns and creates a living consciousness. The mother-father figure within you develops into a consciousness. The combination of your synergy with your parents as a unit, has formed a certain quality of this energy to become real for you.

This consciousness from your parents contributes to your identity.

It is possible to release some of the negative patterns and beliefs that you may have inherited through the bloodline, by becoming more self-aware and doing conscious inner work. For instance, if you have a history of kidney problems or low self-esteem in your family, it may negatively impact your ability to function effectively in your daily life. Therefore, it’s important to work on these issues and let go of any unhealthy attachments that may be holding you back.

Mankind experiences various modified states of existence, mostly because one comes into this dense physical world with a lot of baggage from the past.

As Joshua David Stone states in his books, “The most essential relationships in your life are your relationship to your Self and God. If you are not right with your Self, you will project your wrong relationship to Self onto everything in your life, including God because in reality your Self and God are the same things.”

By practicing self-love and embracing your past experiences and your roots, you can easily let go of what no longer aligns with your growth. The key to progress lies in shedding the burdens that hold you back. Dissolving negative patterns doesn’t diminish your love for your parents. Rather, it entails clearing the perceptions and ideas you hold about them, therefore, about you.

Your existence is shaped by your belief structure. Everything you manifest is akin to a hologram, projecting a specific reality wherever you are. If your inner perception of your parents holds a particular form, you manifest an outer hologram mirroring that perception.

The notion of your relationship to your present mother or father is often an aspect in fields of consciousness that you acknowledge as being close off. Your self-love, self-worth, self-expression, creativity, may all be defined by your inner unconscious feelings of this relationship. Often, family members and others in your life are revealing a plot that you have created unconsciously to enlighten something about yourself. Observe sharply at the people in your life that are triggering you.

When our perceptions of reality differ, it often leads to frustration, because individuals tend to see others through their own desires and belief system, instead of recognizing them for who they truly are.

We project our reality onto all of the people in our lives, which means that there are always two or more scenarios overlapping, and most of the time they are easily out of focus, as the example below.

A part of me holds judgment over the time invested in writing this post. While it’s been a fulfilling experience, I also question whether it’s truly worth the time. Two very different characters have joined the set. One, akin to the fatherly figure urges, “Stop wasting time; focus on work!”, the other, my inner child who wishes to express its creativity, but fears conflict with the fatherly voice.

In this journey of awakening, as you reshape the unconscious beliefs passed down from your lineage, you’ll come to understand your parents in their true essence. Simultaneously, you’ll find clarity in discerning inner voices that stray from your authentic voice, bringing you closer to inner harmony and self-realization.