It’s crucial for all of us to reflect on how much attention we give to our artificial timeline versus our organic timeline. In this period of rapid transformation, where everything is changing remarkably fast, we supposed to expand our consciousness constantly. This entails healing, growing, learning new things, letting go of the old, and embracing the new.

Artificial refers to anything that is created without Source Consciousness.

• GMO foods and products;
• Artificial substances, heavy metals, and heavy foods that absorb energy from your body and provide negative information to your cells. This information affects the development of your DNA;
• Chemical products;
• Poorly treated water / non-hexagonal water;
• Harmful AI technology.

• Fears, the wounded ego, lack of awareness;
• Illusions that manifest artificial realities ;
• Division through different belief programs;
• Negative emotions, behaviors, or thoughts; will be reflected in your aura;
• Saviour archetype – this type of behavior leads the individual to create more suffering, due to the lack of acceptance;
• Victim archetype – waiting for someone to save you.

Organic refers to anything that is created with Source Consciousness.

• Organic substances that are giving Prana energy to your body and positive information to your cells; based on that information your DNA is changing, activating, expanding;
• Hexagonal water- water treated consciously, with love;
• Technology created consciously based on the cosmic laws such as sacred geometry technology, which has healing properties to your being and sends healthy information to your cells.

• Integrating your experiences;
• Embracing the inner healing process;
• Openness to learning new things;
• Conscious behaviors;
• Feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness;
• Acceptance;
• The healthy ego – accepts the physical reality and allows the soul to guide its existence;
• Embodying the knowledge of being equal but unique – divine sparks of the same Source;
• Taking responsibility for one’s own life;
• Creating a reality based on love and God’s aspects;
• Feelings of gratitude and joy – will link you to the organic timeline;
• Practicing awareness.

Each day we choose through our actions, thoughts, words, emotions, to be more connected to Source, more organic, or more artificial. Our cells are receiving information 24/7. Based on the information they are receiving, the function of our bodies is made. 

The Infinite Creation of Consciousness is constantly expanding, urging each of us to broaden our consciousness. Therefore, we are encouraged to choose love as we navigate this journey of collective evolution.