There is a significant difference between raising awareness and spreading fear. Those who spread negative scenarios or fears often live in a perpetual state of fear themselves. They may disseminate this type of information consciously to manipulate and control, thereby feeding the archonic consciousness. Another characteristic of such individuals is their hesitation to provide positive solutions. If their agenda is centered around control, they will offer solutions that serve their own interests and agendas, particularly in the problems they present. This behavior is frequently observed within governments and larger corporations.

Alternatively, others may share fear-based information because they genuinely believe in what they are conveying. Living in a state of fear, where everything appears gloomy, influences their perspective and shapes their reality. In essence, they speak from their current state of consciousness.

On the flip side of fear, there are also numerous spiritual individuals who are actively spreading awareness to awaken the masses. These individuals are deeply attuned to the current happenings on Earth and are guided by an inner voice urging them to share their inner truth. The reality of our planet is unquestionably dark, and deep down, we all recognize it. We exist in a fear-based reality, perpetuated by a matrix system that consistently programs us to make decisions rooted in fear.
This programming has endured for ages.

As part of the awakening journey, leading to the ultimate stage of feeling love for everything as we recognize our oneness, it’s essential to begin by questioning. When questions arise, answers come from various sources, and guided by intuition, you piece together the puzzle of Earth’s situation. Upon completing this puzzle, you’re primed for the next step: the desire to initiate change, starting with yourself. At this juncture, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inner power within you and avoid succumbing to a sense of powerlessness or victimhood.

Returning to those who spread awareness, part of their mission involves sharing the truth, a role deserving of our respect and embrace. These individuals are, to some extent, connected with their Higher Self, awakened, possessing sharp intuition, and driven by a sense of justice for all life. Their auras radiate expansively, and one can discern the purity of their intentions.

They also raise awareness about certain topics that might trigger you. When triggered, you might instinctively reject their words and efforts, attributing the negative emotions you feel to them, especially if you struggle with the acceptance process.

If you have people in your circle who passionately share certain uncomfortable things with you, listen to them with no judgment of their focus or passions. Be grateful for their willingness to share. We all follow unique paths and choose different missions, but it’s only through collective effort that we can change our reality.

Instead of avoiding darkness, embrace it and be like the moon—shine your light into the darkness, and watch as it fades away.