The explanation of the seven initiations can serve as both a starting point for engaging further in your spiritual path and a point of inner reflection.

In the past, it would take a whole lifetime to pass from one initiation to another. Nowadays, we can go through all seven initiations in one lifetime.

During the process of initiation, the aspirant’s body is exposed to a high levels of energy, corresponding to the level or degree of initiation the aspirant is taking. With the inflow of that energy, the student would become conscious on a higher level. 

It is said that without proper training, a student who has not been adequately prepared within their nervous system and consciousness would spontaneously combust at the seventh initiation due to the higher levels of energy involved. However, our spiritual guides monitor our spiritual growth and determine how much light we can hold.

During the initiation process, all unconscious fractions of the soul become conscious. The God-realized being manifests and controls all seven levels of creation but identifies oneself only with the seventh level. 

The first initiation is where we begin to learn how to transcend the physical needs of our body. We start to take care of our physical selves by eating healthy and being aware of what we put in and on our bodies. We let go of any harmful attachments that are poisoning our bodies, such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, chemicals, GMO food, or other addictions. When we begin our journey towards Ascension, the first initiation involves cleaning up our physical body. This initiation can be metaphorically referred to as “the ground” where we prepare to plant our tree. For our tree to grow fast, beautiful, strong, and offer tasty fruits, the ground must be clean, full of minerals, and nurtured.

The second initiation  is a level where we learn to transcend our emotional body’s reactions. In our subconscious mind, we store all our experiences and traumas. If we don’t release them, our emotional body will function based on the emotions we stored and suppressed in our mind. After we graduate from the first initiation, we become aware of our inner shadows and start searching for tools to heal and release heavy traumas with negative emotions attached to them. 

This initiation is mainly about healing our inner child and other selves from this or other lifetimes by going to the cause of stored emotions. It represents the integration and acceptance of unpleasant experiences by planting seeds of love and forgiveness into our lower mind. This initiation is one of the hardest because the releasing process can be painful, but the price is worth it. It’s important to note that opening the lower chakras is as important as opening the higher ones.

Many people wish to open their third eye, but healing, nourishing, and expanding the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras is equally essential. 

The key to a tree standing still in a strong storm is the root. The lower chakras stored many informations; living in an environment where one has to constantly fight to survive creates many fears that are stored there. Each chakra represents an aspect of God, and we must integrate, balance, and master all aspects of God. For instance, the root chakra can be blocked by the fear of surviving.

The third initiation involves the fusion of your personality with your soul. At this level, you begin to allow your soul to penetrate your four-body system. While you continue to behave as a 3D personality, you have access to channel divine energy, which is your soul. You start to listen to your feelings and intuition, and trust yourself. Your light quotient increases, and you manifest easily, having a smooth flow in all aspects of your life.

To expand your consciousness to greater levels, it is essential to meditate and pray daily, for long periods. It takes time for the total fusion of your soul with your personality to happen until your soul sits on the inner throne. Once you pass this level, the others will manifest much faster as your heart opens and becomes easier for you to allow the process of inner alchemy to manifest.

In the first two initiations, you let go of all the matrix programs, traumas, etc. In the third level, the tree starts to grow. You start feeling the smell of your essence and surrender to divine guidance. You start accepting what is happening in your life and understand that everything in your life is a manifestation of your thoughts and emotions. You start taking responsibility and change everything that is not divine in your reality, with your conscious free will.

At the fourth initiation, your soul is anchored into your 3D personality, and you start serving the Divine Will of God with love and grace by doing your sacred mission. You are in contact with your other multidimensional selves, your spiritual guides, and respect their guidance. You will emanate unconditional love in every act of yours. You start becoming a Master of the Self. When you are at this level, everything you do is just manifesting love. You will identify yourself as a divine part of God, feeling the oneness of everything that exists.

At the fifth initiation, you become your Monad, the I AM Presence. At this level, you hold a huge amount of energy, and most of the fears are dissolved. You are forever connected with Source and have an overview of the bigger picture.

Each initiation is created for you to hold more light when you have less fears. Fear or negative emotions create darkness and consume a lot of energy. Only by mastering our thoughts, emotions, and actions, remaining focused and in a state of gratitude, can we graduate into the higher octaves of infinite potential. In the higher realms, creation happens instantly because beings create from their center God Self.

Telepathy and the opening of the third eye can occur much sooner. At this level, you start becoming pure light, 99% light, and you will be able to teleport, levitate, and be in multiple places simultaneously, to manifest instantly.

At the sixth and seventh initiation, all that you are is God.

The journey towards the fourth initiation is a challenging one, as it involves a struggle between the ego and the soul. The ego has been trained and programmed differently from the soul, which can result in an inner conflict. It is crucial to be mindful and let go of any toxic environments, people, and relationships when starting this process. Just like a seed planted in the ground, external factors can significantly affect our growth. Being in a toxic environment can stunt our growth and progress.