Awakened Words, Spiritual Insights

Ascension Wisdom is a self-reflecting portal designed to foster your awakening process and offer guidance as you tap into the unexplored facets of your unconscious self.

Ascension Wisdom portal is designed to guide you in expanding your consciousness, offering insights to access your unconscious world, and unveil your noble blueprint.

Ascension Wisdom represents a synergistic gateway towards a transformative alliance between the conscious and unconscious dimensions, empowering individuals to embody their sacred design and embrace a higher state of being.

It highlights the idea that as individuals ascend to elevated levels of consciousness, they simultaneously attain a profound understanding of the spiritual truths that lead and illuminate their path.


Fear VS Love

Your reality is shaped by just two fundamental sources: fear and love. – The current global events are presenting us with a clear and crucial decision to make. We find ourselves standing at a crossroads where we must choose between fear and love. This is an unavoidable choice, and every individual has to make it for themselves.

The Genuine Human Body

The universe is a network of dynamic and mutual relationships, and we exist as cells within it, mirroring the macro creation. The principle of vibration, known as the hermetic principle, states that everything in the universe is in a state of motion, vibration, and rotation.

Unveiling The Parental Consciousness Within

Your existence is shaped by your belief structure. Everything you manifest is akin to a hologram, projecting a specific reality wherever you are. If your inner perception of your parents holds a particular form, you manifest an outer hologram mirroring that perception.

The Splitting of the Soul

The people who are causing suffering to others are those who suffer the most. They are completely disconnected from their soul and because they were not informed about the sickness in their aura, they just continue on that path of self-destruction.

Artificial VS Organic

It’s crucial for all of us to reflect on how much attention we give to our artificial timeline versus our organic timeline. In this period of rapid transformation, where everything is changing remarkably fast, we supposed to expand our consciousness constantly. This entails healing, growing, learning new things, letting go of the old, and embracing the new.